Researching papers is messy...

BUT We created a website that explores and navigates related papers all in one place so ... why not try us out ;)


How is BSAT different

Students, professionals, and just simply curious humans can search our site via subject, or any question they might have. Our displayed results have an infinite scrolling of papers that match with your query!


Any questions goes! Or if you're not quite sure on what you want to look for click on the subjects to see if one interests you!


Read to your satisfaction

Every displayed paper is summarized for you, so you can see the most important points without ever leaving the comfort of our website. If you want to see more information simply click "read more" and it will be displayed!


Everything you need in one place

No more need for 50 tabs... we have everything on one page. Infinite scrolling means you just have to scroll to find more information. It has never been easier.

Who are the creators?

Humza Dalal

Hi! I'm Humza, a sophomore at Homestead High School in CA. I am a frontend developer for this project. I'm really interested in both AI and Economics and how we can improve economic policies and strategies.